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Dividing from a partner, partner or companion is never smooth

Coping with your emotions, aswell as dealing with some useful and possibly distressing choices with regards to your home, debt circumstances along with your youngsters, will be harder. This page produces an overview of the things it is important to contemplate.

This point on partnership description was created to let you work out your choices and rights in regards to your family house. It does not cover divorce or separation legal proceeding or provisions to suit your offspring, you could find more details about these subject areas on the residents Suggestions Scotland Adviceguide websites. To find out more about stopping (generally dissolution) municipal partnerships, download the Adviceguide’s factsheet.

You can download a checklist, which summarises the data on this webpage

Therapy and mediation

You and your partner may find it difficult agree with the best way to break down your premises and obligations, especially if you were angry, aggravated or bitter regarding the split up. a counsellor could possibly make it easier to be prepared for how you feel and ending the partnership considerably amicably, despite the fact that cannot help you produce conclusion regarding your home or kids. A mediator is able to allow you to both reach an amicable arrangement about access and childcare, the family room and various other dilemmas. The web page on counselling and mediation has contact details of firms in Scotland.

Just what are my alternatives?

Any time you plus lover include breaking up, you are likely to determine that:

one of you are going to continue to be living in your home together with additional will move out

you are going to both set and get latest locations – if you own your home, what this means is you will want to sell and determine ideas on how to separate the profits

you’ll carry on living together but as separate people – this may only be a temporary remedy and soon you can afford to go on, or, in case the divide is friendly, it could be a permanent circumstances.

Your choices depends on whether you lease your house or purchased it.

Your options could also depend on the situation between you and your partner, for instance if:

your lover desires that create your family house

your lover have strolled out on you.

Just how do we choose just who should remain in the family home?

Who can remain in the household residence will depend on your own legal rights and on individual conditions, for instance whether you are hitched, whether you have girls and boys or whether certainly one of your uses your home as a small business premises. It will also depend on whether your house is hired or owned. Additionally want to workout whether you can afford to keep on in the property by yourself (see ‘what about monetary dilemmas’ below). If you should be married or in a civil relationship, this choice must be generated as part of the separation and divorce or dissolution processes.

We rent out all of our home

If you’re surviving in rented home, anyone whoever name is from the tenancy arrangement doesn’t invariably need to be the one who remains there. You might be capable of getting the tenancy of the home utilized in others partner.

We posses our very own home

Furthermore, the person who is the owner of the house doesn’t necessarily must stay: maybe you are capable of getting control of the property moved.

What are the pros and cons of residing in home?

You’ll find advantages and disadvantages to remaining on in the house after your partner features relocated away.


You won’t need certainly to go through the difficulty of going room – this can be particularly crucial if you have children.

You simply won’t need certainly to push away from your services, relatives and buddies, or children’s class.


The home may be overlarge and/or expensive so that you can run-on your own personal.

When your mate was aggressive or abusive for you, this may not be extremely secure, as they will understand in your geographical area.

It may possibly be more challenging to manufacture a fresh start if you find yourself still-living in your home you contributed.

Let’s say we cannot concur?

If you cannot concur, you might see mediation to help you visited a common choice. The webpage on counselling and mediation has actually information about firms in your area. An experienced mediator will allow you to talk via your circumstance collectively and reach a satisfactory damage. You need to still talk about the results of any mediation sessions with a solicitor before visiting your final contract.